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About the Foundation

The rise of addiction and mental health disorders has resulted in a growing population of people that need help, but might not be able to afford it. It was only through the kindness and donations of others that Ryan was able to get the treatment he needed. This support inspired him to start the Focused Intensity Foundation. Not everyone will ask for help, but for those who do, Focused Intensity will help them make a change for the better.

For those motivated and committed to change, Focused Intensity will help them get the support and guidance they need to build a life of long-lasting recovery. Through partnerships with leading treatment centers across the US, all donations received go directly to scholarships for applicants willing to take an active role in their own transformation.

The Focused Intensity Foundation is dedicated to serve those who are ready to commit to a life of change and recovery. We function as a donation based non-profit that provides scholarships specifically for treatment of substance abuse and mental health related disorders. Our team of volunteer workers is working diligently to respond to all inquiries in a timely manner. We understand the urgency and importance of each applicant's situation and will serve as many individuals as our resources allow. The number of scholarships provided is dependent on current funding and donations. While we are not able to award every deserving applicant a scholarship, we promise that every application, email, and inquiry is read and shared with the team. We strive to be a resource for those struggling with addiction and will help however possible.

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Our Mission

Focused Intensity Foundation is dedicated to remove the financial barrier to treatment. Substance abuse and mental health issues affect all communities, regardless of social or economic status. Our goal is to directly impact someone in crisis with a solution to better their lives. By providing scholarships for treatment and support services, we connect people who want help, to those who can help.

We are dedicated to serving those who are dedicated to help themselves. Our role is to provide funding for treatment, and the guidance and expertise to help facilitate that process.

Founder Ryan Leaf attests his own recovery to the financial assistance he received from the NFL. If not for the generous support he received because of his unique circumstances, Ryan would not have been afforded the opportunity to attend treatment. Inspired by the altruism of others, he created FIF to allow all persons suffering with substance abuse and mental health issues to access quality treatment and regain their lives.

Client Path

Our sole investment is in the individual and we measure our success on the impact we make directly in their recovery, treatment, and life. We are dedicated to see our scholarship recipients through the best treatment plan based on an evaluation of their individual case. The Focused Intensity team will work with the client's professional treatment team to design a care plan for long-term recovery. Scholarships are intended to see the awardee through 6 months of treatment services.

Once an applicant has been awarded a scholarship for treatment, they are assigned a case manager to determine a tentative diagnosis. The client is then placed in a Detox center to stabilize. After successfully completing Detox, the client will then transition to Outpatient or Inpatient treatment, Sober Living, or a Transitional Living. Program

Our Cause

Substance abuse and mental health issues are overwhelming and isolating, and their effects extend beyond the individual. So often we hear from individuals and families desperate to regain a life unfettered by addiction and mental health issues. By helping to heal the individual, our goal is to enliven and heal whole families and communities.

Focused Intensity was created to address the barrier between those who ask for help and the ability to afford it. One's chance of recovery should not be limited by their financial standing.

We exist to allow those who ask for help, and are willing to surrender to and receive the help they are offered, the ability to access quality treatment. Our recipients are the most important agents in their recovery process. We seek to help individuals who are ready to make the lifestyle changes and take the actions that are necessary for their recovery.

By championing treatment and recovery, and encouraging individuals to reach out and ask for help, we work to assuage the stigma surrounding mental health and addiction issues. We envision a society in which all individuals are granted access to the resources, support, and services they need to live a life of peace and purpose. Our scholarship services enable individuals to get the help they need, and ultimately, save their lives through the treatment they receive through our funding.

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